I am Tiana

wellbeing enthusiast, truth seeker
and world traveler

Since a young age, I have been exposed to different cultures and life circumstances that have made me look deep into myself and realize the beauty of life and appreciate it’s diversity.

As a former athlete and dancer, physical exercise and movement was always a great part of my life. 

My Story

How I Got Started

Although having an active lifestyle, I have suffered from depression, anxiety, anger.. that have led to destructive behavior and unhealthy habits.

It was with a yoga practice that my life took a complete 180-degree shift. Which was clear to me that yoga is not just a physical practice.

This inspired me to do a teacher training course, in the mountains of Himalayas, to emerge in this ancient practice and learn the tools to improve the quality of my life.

I am forever thankful to all my mentors and teachers that I have had on this path, and to yoga practice and lifestyle, that has helped me build a strong foundation for a meaningful and purpose-driven life.

My aim and gift are to share this knowledge and self-development techniques, through individual and group classes, retreats, consultations, videos, and blog. To inspire and encourage others to improve the quality of their life and express their highest potential while taking care of the body, mind, and soul.


I think about myself as learner, seeker and traveler, but these number and facts make me so proud on myself. 

Still, biggest satisfaction and award in my way is upgrading every day and helping others to find best in themselves. 



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